Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Awards Ireland 2012

Eugene's Blog did not make it to the final of the Irish Blog Awards - the short-list of 60 was whittled down to seven yesterday and your's truly is not one of the seven. Nevertheless I was delighted to make the short-list and am not too disappointed.

The Finalists in the Best Personal Blog category are excellent blogs (I took a quick look this morning to check out what I lost out to!). For me one sticks out by a mile - Head Rambles by the self-confessed "Ireland's most cantankerous auld fella" Irish Grandad. His posts are very funny, topical, and like myself he feels free to comment on anything - check out his "God's Waiting Room" post from a couple of days ago. The other six are all by women and are a bit more serious commenting on stuff like disabilities, photographs, and arts & crafts. Worth checking out.

One thing I notice about many of the finalists in all categories is that they have cool names - "Eugene's Blog" looks a bit boring beside the likes of "Simply Zesty", "The Magpie Girl", "Like Mam Used to Bake", "Gutter Candy", "Swear I'm Not Paul", and "Cigar Loving Doorman". Many have also gone to great lengths to have really great designs and layout. Good luck to all at the Final on October 13th next.

I must put my thinking cap on!

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