Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Introduction to Learning Technology - September, 1972

An Anonymous poster today added a comment to one of my posts written in January this year - Yet another newspaper article saying technology will change education. In my post I referred to the first time in 1972 that I experienced technology in education during French class with our teacher John Shanahan. The comment (with link to part of a speech by Mr Shanahan) is as follows:

You might like to hear John Shanahan give an account (September 2012) of how the Voix et Images teaching came into the classroom in 1967. You can listen to him below on Youtube. There is no picture because of no lighting. Worth two minutes though (

I suspect the "Anonymous" poster is a Cistercian College Roscrea man.

Anyway - the technology used by Mr Shanahan was quite basic, but brilliant and novel for a group of 12/13 yers olds learning French. He had a tape deck and a projector with which he could scroll slides on film by hand. In the video above a reference is made to "Voix et Image" and I was delighted and very nostalgic to discover the first lesson on YouTube (sound quality is poor). So here is "VoilĂ  M. Thiboud....":

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