Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Countdown to "Hello UPC" and "Goodbye Eircom"

I wrote here last week that UPC are upgrading their network in my area. One of my fears was that in order for me to get broadband, everyone on our estate would have to do so too. Turns out that this is not true!

I called UPC Sales today to check out what is happening. They are upgrading their ancient network to fibre optic - I am told that it will be capable of download speeds of "up to" 100 mps - considerably more than the 3-4 mps that we get now. Their very helpful Sales Assistant on the phone (Alannah) worked out a package for me that includes Sky+, broadband, and phone, that is nearly €30 a month cheaper than what I pay now for equivalent to Sky and Eircom. The disadvantage of the new package is that there will be less channels available (mostly those that we don't watch) and that our broadband connection will be 30 (yes - thirty!) times faster than we have now. Apparently installation and testing of the new cable in our neighbourhood will take 2-3 months before we can connect.

For me it is a "no brainer" to switch to UPC - anything is better that the 4mbs shite that Eircom provide. Here's a flavour (UPC ad) of what we can expect in our neighbourhood in the near future:

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