Friday, September 14, 2012

"Hello UPC" - not so fast!

Hmmmmm... after getting a little excited at the prospect of getting "up to" a 25mps broadband connection from UPC to replace the paltry 4mps connection that I have from Eircom (see shitty D+ rating below), I called UPC Sales to see what was available. The good news is that they can provide Sky+, telephone, and 100mbs broadband for about €20 less than what I am currently paying for everything per month. The bad news is that it could take up to three months before the network will be live. But I don't believe this as companies that provide broadband services in Ireland never tell the truth. I remain to be proven wrong, but I suspect  that we will not be connected to faster broadband until at least the New Year.

My current connection
In the past few week I have got extra space on Google Drive - syncing data has been a lengthy experience as it takes hours to update everything from home. So a faster connection would be really useful. With an upload speed of 0.32 mps, using cloud services like Google Drive will suffer from this tiny upload speed. The UPC option is looking better by the day - I just wish they would get on with it. A week has passed since they put cables on all our houses - they are still hanging loose.

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