Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 @C4LPT

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (founded by Jane Hart) is running its 6th annual Top 100 Tools for Learning survey of learning professionals worldwide. The survey can be accessed here and is open until the 30th September. I have completed the survey where I was asked to name my top 10 tools for learning. This is my list (in no particular order):

Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Still my chosen tool to provide notes for students as well as using in class for presentations. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done.
Microsoft Excel

  • I use in some classes for exercises (eg, Project Management, and Statistics), I also use ot for a lot of my videos on my YouTube channel, but perhaps its most important use for me is as a tool for keeping track of grades and student details
Microsoft Word
  • Every report or document I write is in Word - I am currently working on new programmes using Word and many of its features
Microsoft Project
  • This is an important tool for my Project Management classes, not just for exercises - it is also great at showing items such as Gantt Charts and Project Network Diagrams
  • This is an absolute essential for me - all my class material is on Moodle. It is so useful that I never bring my laptop to class as I don't need it
Google Chrome
  • For some time this has been my browser of choice and I use it for accessing all on-line material. In the main this is my Blog, but I also use it for YouTube and Gmail
Google Drive

  • This is my most recent tool for learning. I have the 100GB option and now store many files from my home as well as my work computer on Drive. As well as giving extra security (especially a a time that my home computer is crashing regularly), it also gives me ease of access to my content such as documents and photos

  • This is for my blog where I write (among other things) about education a lot. I have been using it since 2006 and don't see a time where I will not do so. Mobile versions (eg for iPad) are poor, so I generally stick to the PC for writing posts

  • A recent addition to my list of learning tools. I previously used Camstudio for making my YouTube video, but I have now switched to Snagit. It also replaces Paint Shop Pro as it is a handy graphics package
Sticky Notes

  • I believe this is an essential tool when copying and pasting material into documents. It allows me to remove all text formatting. Previously I used Notepad to do this, but the constant presence of Sticky Notes on my desktop is very handy

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