Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Will UPC cure broadband woes? The answer appears to be "No"

UPC are coming to Blackrock! At least a card through the door says they are. Today an engineer came to my house and added a fibre optic cable to the corner of my house. It is still dangling at the end (see photo), and has not been connected to anything. We don't have a UPC account and basically this is replacing the old Cablelink network which has probably been here since the 1980s - we have never used it since we moved here in 1996. So I don't know why they are replacing a cable I don't use?

Just under a year ago I wrote about the area where I live as being a black spot for broadband. Currently we have an "8MB Next Generation Broadband" connection from Eircom that is only capable of a maximum of 4MB. This is shit. So anything is better than this. UPS seem to offer speeds of up to 25MB - can this be true?

My hopes of getting a great broadband speed appear to be dashed as the engineer told us that since our house is at the end of the cable - EVERY HOUSE on our road has to sign up for broadband before we can get it! WTF - can this be true? There are 32 houses on our road - I can't believe that UPC would go to the bother of upgrading the network, only for this to happen. I've already called the UPC sales hotline to enquire more, but gave up after holding for several minutes - not a good sign. 

My only response to all this is to not believe anything that a company that "provides" broadband says.

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