Tuesday, September 18, 2012

National College of Ireland's new blog

NCI has recently launched a new blog - see blog.ncirl.ie. The by-line reads: 

"Welcome to the Faculty and Staff Blog at the National College of Ireland. Get to know us better through our posts, and join the conversation – we welcome comments and discussion!"

Image source: www.ncirl.ie.
Already there are interesting articles about Cloud Computing and Digital Marketing, with lots more to come. So bookmark/follow the NCI blog and learn more about us.

Adding a blog to an organization's web site is a great way to dig a little deeper into the organization. While the posts for the most part are not personal, they are of course written by individuals within the organization. Many organizations are now doing this and often invite guest posts from people outside the organization. It's a great way to see what customers really think, rather than the normal selected quotes and endorsements that we have seen in press releases. Real user experiences can be described in a bit more detail, and they also lend an air of authenticity to what is written. I'd like to see items like "A Day in the Life on an NCI Student" or even one for a Lecturer in the future on the NCI blog.

Keep on blogging!

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