Monday, September 03, 2012

LIN Summer School recording

Today I was sent a link to a recording of a presentation I made at the Learning Innovation Network (LIN) in DIT last June at the e-Learning Summer School. It is in fact the first time I have had a talk recorded that I could see later (there were some attempts that didn't work). I have been given permission by the good folks in DIT to be allowed publish it on my blog.

It is strange looking at yourself. First, quite a few minutes at the beginning are not recorded, so there is a sudden start. I also wave my hands around a lot - I hadn't realized that I do this! And I talk too fast. So even though it is strange to see myself in a video recording, I can learn quite a bit from the experience. In fact, I'd even recommend it as a way for Lecturers to improve themselves (if needed of course).

The talk is about "e-Learning and YouTube". It preceded a workshop where participants got a chance to create their own YouTube videos (this session in a separate lab was not recorded). It was well received and a very enjoyable experience for me.

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