Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teachers are Heroes

Sarah Fudin, writing in the University of Southern Californa (USC) Rossier blog, shows a great infographic in her post TEACHERS ARE HEROES [INFOGRAPHIC] - this was part of a Teacher Appreciation Week in the USA. She writes that USC Rossier have launched "an infographic to support teachers around the world for everything they do each and every day, but especially to honor them" during the Teacher Appreciation Week. The Infographic "shares information and statistics about who teachers are, what they do and how they inspire".

Fudin encourages readers to share the infographic with "teachers you know who have made a difference and touched the lives of their students" - this is what I am doing here. The infographic is based on the United States, but I'm sure that we could extrapolate similar figures for Ireland (the US has 70 times the population of Ireland). The figures below make for great reading - enjoy (and share)!

Image link to USC Rossier.

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