Sunday, May 13, 2012

Paris Day 4

Last day in Paris before heading home. Our flight was at 15.40 - plenty of time to see some sights? We decided to splash out and have breakfast on top of the Montparnasse Tour - the tallest building in Paris. But the café was closed for refurbishment. While the view from the top is brilliant, we felt that we had seen pretty much the same thing from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. We also felt a bit cheated as we had understood that our Paris Pass would cover the cost of the tickets - we had to shell out €11 for two tickets. The tower is worth visiting, but it is not like the Acropolis in Athens.

On top of the Montparnasse Tower
By 11.00 we were ready for breakfast and stopped in the nearby Café Montparnasse. We had a great table at the front of the café and after a bit of a delay and some translation problems we finally order Petit Dejeuner from the menu. A word of warning - service is terrible in this café. A couple at the table beside us waited nearly 20 mins before finally giving up and leaving, they were replaced by another couple who waited a long time before being served. The whole front of the restaurant was served by one waiter. Incredibly, there were four other waiters serving only a few tables inside. Demarcation lines at their worst. We waited a long time for food to arrive - which some of it did in parts. After an hour I complained and decided to leave, not waiting any longer for the rest of breakfast to arrive. I was prepared myself for an argument over the bill, however, we were just charged for one breakfast. I won't say that waiters don't work as hard when service is included in the bill, but the thought crossed my mind. Our waiter clearly assumed that we would tolerate crap service and that we had all day to do it.

We had intended to go to the nearby Jardin du Luxembourg, but it was now after 12.00 and we had to return to the hotel and make our way to the airport. We used the Roissy Bus from Opera to CDG which is an excellent service.

Paris is a great city - full of attractions and activities, wonderful sights and fantastic restaurants (apart from one). I love it - I was first there in 1975 on a student exchange and want to keep going back. I do wish my French was better - despite my best efforts, most French people I tried to talk to responded to my dreadful French in English. Note to self - take some lessons before going back. 

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  1. Hi Eugene,
    I'm from the Paris Pass group - your Paris Pass should have covered your trip to the Montparnasse Tower, if you'd like to drop me and email I can investigate?
    Kind Regards,