Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poorly trained graduates are 'unemployable' - teach them PowerPoint says Digital Marketing Institute

The Irish Independent today reports that the Digital Marketing Institute is not happy with the quality of graduates coming out of Irish Colleges. Ian Dodson of the Institute thunders "The industry and the students are being done a major disservice by being taught by people who have never worked in the digital industry. When they emerge after four years in college, companies in our industry have to send them off on courses on how to use basics like Microsoft Power Point and Office -- before they even approach becoming employable. We are being sent babies who need to be taught how to walk".

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Strong words indeed! So it's our job to teach students PowerPoint? NCI has recently launched a new Certificate in Digital Marketing. I must check to see if PowerPoint is on the syllabus!

Dodson does have something sensible to say when he states "We need people who know about analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook". This is true, and I'm glad to say that NCI's new Certificate covers social networking and marketing in some detail. We are also developing new programmes in Business Analytics. Dodson again moans that "Colleges are doing their graduates and the industry a major disservice" by not teaching the right things. He also doesn't know much about the effort that Colleges put into developing new courses and programmes when he states "We are being fed this rubbish that it takes years to change a college course curriculum. No it doesn't. Just add relevant modules and we will have graduates ready to take up jobs when they leave college". 

Yeah - just slap a few topics together there lads and Bob's your uncle. No need for the quality assurance rubbish that we all have to adhere to. While your at it, cook us up a few MBAs as well - we need two for next week!

Though NCI's course is new - I do wish people like Dodson would check their facts before publishing such rubbish.

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