Monday, October 31, 2011

The World at Seven Billion: What's your number?

Today the world's population reached seven billion - it's astonishing that so many people could exist on one planet at the same time. At the time I was born in 1959, the world population was just under three billion - so it has more than doubled in my lifetime. There's obviously a lot of sex going on!

The BBC have an interesting site where you can calculate where you fit in this population growth. Just enter your date of birth and it will do the rest - here's my data:

Screen shot from BBC's The World at Seven Billion.

So - I was the 2,997,910,172nd person alive on earth when I was born. Also incredible is the number of 76,613,447,508 which is my number since history began. The site also tells me that the average life expectancy of a male in Ireland is 77.3 years - so I have 25 years left (better make the most of it!). Interestingly, the world population grew by 265 people while I was on the BBC site.

What's your number?

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