Monday, October 24, 2011

Irish Computer Lecturer is a YouTube hit

That's me!

My Learn with YouTube Channel banner.
The Marketing Department in NCI issued a News Release about my Learn with YouTube channel on Friday - it was picked up by the Silicon Republic News site, and fed to many other sites (eg see here, here, and here). The news release was prepared earlier this week, but I did not know it was going to be released on Friday. I first noticed that something was up when I started to get a lot of emails from YouTube Service telling me that I had a new subscriber to the channel - in fact I got 37 new subscribers on Friday, mostly from Ireland. I now have a total of 570 subscribers, and 551,598 views as I write.

In the overall scheme of things - 584 subscribers and 555,013 views is very small compared to other channels and videos, but I still get a thrill every time I see the numbers go up. Monday last (17th October) was the highest ever daily viewing figures when 2,757 people tuned in to learn from my videos. In contrast I had one class on the same Monday with 28 students, and another with 18 students.

I hope to get some time this coming week to prepare a new video based on creating a KPI dashboard in Excel, which I learned how to do myself last week.


  1. Good luck for your excel dashboard work. :)


  2. I found his channel very educational, with videos on problem-solving techniques and "How To." I find it easier for students to learn from short videos rather than a reading an article two pages long.