Saturday, October 29, 2011

President Higgins

Congratulations to Michael D. Higgins on winning the Presidential Election with a huge vote, he won by 19,000 in my own Dun Laoghaire constituency. Even though I voted #1 for David Norris as promised, I think that Michael D will be an excellent President of Ireland. It must be the easiest job in Ireland, with a nice house to go with it. But he will command respect from all Irish people and will be a true Irishman when representing our country.

What a shitty election campaign - Michael D alone escaped the personal skeleton digging that went on. It might be easy to blame the Media (they do bear some blame), though each candidate must accept that they were not perfect. I'm certain that Michael D will serve just one term - so we'll all get the same circus again in 7 years. Message for Fine Gael - start choosing now who you want to run and build them up as a potential President over the next 7 years. Michael D has effectively been canvassing since 2004.

Niall O'Loughlin (no relation) has some super caricatures of Michael D - see here for more.

Image link to Niall O'Loughlin's Blog.

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