Sunday, October 16, 2011

Singing in the Choir

St John the Baptist Church, Blackrock.
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I finally took part in singing in the church choir in Blackrock this morning. As it was my first time I was a bit nervous - especially meeting the other members of the choir for the first time. 

Men are scarce in choirs, so I am already considered a valuable asset to the choir. I am now one of three male members of the choir. Basically today I just joined in with the others when I could - many of the hymns were not familiar to me. I was even singing in Latin - Fr Patrick, my Latin teacher in Roscrea, would have been proud of me finally finding a use for his subject. I will not be able to attend any choir practice for the next few weeks as it clashes with my Reputation II classes in Trinity. This is a pity because I could really do with the practice.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the occasion - and my Mum will be happy too!

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