Monday, October 03, 2011

What Richard Byrne has Learned from 5,000 Blog Posts

Richard Byrne, a "guy with a computer in western Maine" (@rmbyrne on Twitter) has a fantastic on-line resource for anybody involved in education - Free Technology for Teachers. Lots of goodies and free stuff - his video creation resources are especially good. He is also a serious blogger (he is not my uncle Richard Byrne though!).

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Free Technology for Teachers.
Yesterday, Richard posted about What I've Learned from 5,000 Blog Posts. First - this is a fantastic publishing rate, all done in under four years. It takes a serious amount of dedication to do this. While some bloggers (like me) rely on personal experiences, family events, elections, etc, for ideas to post about, Richard has a track record of posting about everything educational. His blog is worth checking out - recently he made his 5,000th post and gives us bloggers a few lessons. Here are the headings for what he writes about:
  • Just ship it
  • About growing your audience
  • Dealing with criticism, backlash, and mistakes
  • Monetization
  • Balance
  • Technical skills

I particularly like the "Balance" item - Richard strives to "find balance with the other aspects" of his life finds that if he doesn't "step away from the keyboard" he will "get stagnant and everything suffers". Good advice. This past weekend was very wet in Dublin and I hardly stepped outside the door on Saturday -  I spent a lot of time on my computer.

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