Saturday, October 22, 2011

The National Car Test (NCT)

I took my 2005 Volkswagen Golf for its second NCT this morning (what made me book a time for 8.45 in the morning on a Saturday?). I don't use the Golf that much - especially during the week when I bike it to work. So it doesn't get much abuse. The car was tested straight away - the whole setup at the NCT Centre in Deansgrange was very efficient. The test took just 20 minutes and the Golf passed with flying colours!

Image Link to Portarlington Tyres
What is it about the NCT that makes the experience a personal one? We all love our cars and maybe feel that they are part of us. I know a lot of people, like me, feel as if it is ourselves that is being tested - not the car. I was nervous and worried about having to get expensive repairs done before a retest. I was able to watch the whole test from the viewing room - I have to say that the mechanics/testers know their jobs very well and seem to be well able to test any type of car. I couldn't help think that it would be a great experience for my 4th year Business Process Management students to watch this and see if this very efficient process can be improved even further (my car had to wait about 5 minutes while the car ahead was cleared from a ramp).

So - I'm sure that the little bit of pride (and relief) that I felt as I was putting the new NCT badge on my windscreen is shared by many. No more worries for the next two years!


  1. Hey Eugene, Zack here, is that our class ur referring to? lol

    I hope you seen the Prime Time Investigation RTE done about the taxis nd the NCT...

    You could have avoided a 2nd test if yea knew the right ppl!!!!

  2. It comes around and we all do it..the NCT. Fork out money on a pretest and extras on repairs..and then 50 Euro on the day. Granted its all very efficient and I agree it a relief when its all over and done with for anoth 2 years. Only compalin I have is that they eithe forgot to call me when my car was done or I just didnt hear them call out my name..Eitherway I was left sitting in a stuffy waiting room for an hour. Realised my car wasnt on the screen which wasnt there last time and find this to be a good idea....but I was left waiting and no one bothered to let me know that my car was ready. Made my way out to the Reception and asked the recepionist who apologised. Wouldnt it be an even better improvement if they had a decent sound system so that you are not relying on someone shouting from outside in a corridor.Can they invest in a microphone and small speakers where your number, name or reg could be read out to you. People too with bad hearing would benefit. With Best Wishes :)