Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Cloud #cloudarena

Today I attended a half day event at NCI about "Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Cloud" organized by CloudArena. I attended talks by IBM, Fujitsu, Microsoft, and Staff Balance. There was quite a mix of people at the event, including two ex-colleagues from SmartForce with whom I had a great chat.

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I found the event to be more about Cloud Computing than about BI and Analytics. My main purpose for attending was to glean some information from industry to support my initiative in NCI to create new programmes in BI and Analytics. I can't say that I am any the wiser, but it was interesting to see what company's are doing in the Cloud space. We learned about Social Network mining and how organizations like IMRO use cloud computing for in depth data manipulation such as matching over 25,000,000 songs with airplay and royalty payments. 

At the Q&A session at the end I asked a question about what skills people in the industry would like experts in BI and Analytics. The stock answer to this seems to be "Understand the business plan and manage the change - Technology is secondary" - and I got this today. When I pushed a bit further I got key skills like visualization and analysis of data. 

Overall - an enjoyable afternoon, though a bit long. I enjoyed the networking and each presentation I attended was well done.

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