Sunday, October 02, 2011

Presidential Election 2011 - It's all about the waistline

During the General Election last March I had some fun having a go at some of the candidates election posters (see here, here, and here). In the Presidential Election 2011 there are just seven candidates. Se├ín Gallagher has decided not to use any posters (the spoil sport!), Dana and David Norris have not yet launched their posters. So far, Michael D, Mary Davis, Martin McGuinness, and Gay Mitchell have launched posters. Mary Davis has already had to deny that her posters have been air-brushed - I have to say she looks a lot younger in her poster than on TV. 

My first reaction to the four posters so far was how boring they are. The slogans are sh1te, and so far have no influence on how I will vote. However, Mary Davis has set a standard with her Special K look and clearly wants to use her slim figure to her advantage. So this set me thinking, this election is not about letters, terrorism, politics, Eurovision, or Dragon's Den - it's about who has the narrowest waist. What do you think?

The Special K Lady takes an
early lead in the waistline stakes
(image link to Irish Election Literature Blog)

A smiling Martin McGuiness claims "My
waist is so narrow I have to use a narrow
poster to prove it!
Gay Mitchell denies he has a waist problem,
but won't show his on a poster.

Michael D tells us how narrow his waist is.

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