Wednesday, November 17, 2010

YouTube - The T-Mobile Welcome Back

Today is a dreary day with nothing but bad news. Our country is in a precarious situation - eg, EU/IMF to commence talks on rescue plan for Ireland. Looks like we're fucked. Like everybody in Ireland today, I worry constantly about our great country (at least to me I have always felt that Ireland is a great country). Also like everyone else I am very worried about my own job security - nothing is safe. I believe that I am experiencing the same depressing worries as everyone else. How much worse will things get before they get better? Today I feel more pessimistic about the future than I ever have had before.

Today (via Twitter) I viewed a great "feel good" video - an ad for T-Mobile set in Heathrow Airport, the theme is "Welcome back". Sadly this type of video would have more of a "Goodbye" feeling if it was set in Dublin Airport today.

However, on a bad day for our country - at least this video (and several other T-Mobile videos) cheered me up for a few minutes...

God (please) save Ireland. I welcome British and EU moves to save us - it's clear we can't save ourselves. It's good to know that our European friends and neighbours are prepared to, as well as want to, save us. I'm not an economist, and I know fuck all about banking and finance - I have to trust in others. 

But - for fuck sake who can I trust? Brian Cowen, Enda Kenny, Eamon Gilmore, and John Gormley - I trust you not. 

Who do I trust? I never thought I would say this, but the people I trust right now are the likes of Sinn Féin, and the leftiest of lefties - Joe Higgins. At least they say what they mean, and practice what they preach. I'm sick of fat cats bleeding the country dry, and I'm tired of the never ending political point scoring of "blame somebody else", "it's not our fault", and "we didn't benefit from the boom".

Tomorrow I will write about "The Mouse that Roared" as a solution to our problems,

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  1. Trust Sinn Fein? I'm still waiting for an honest account of Gerry Adams role in West Belfast IRA... same for many of his colleagues. Joe Higgins seems strangely silent these days. So where does that leave me? Eamon Gilmore seems the best bet.

    Morale would be greatly improved (if nothing else) if those responsible for the crisis were punished