Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snow in November!

Snow in my back garden.
Last night I was woken up twice by thunder, and this morning got up early to see some snow on the ground - I'm guessing about 1". Not much, but snow in November is not that common here. While it is worse in other parts of the country, there is not enough to cause any disruption here in Dublin - or is there? The are no DART services because of the snow - I wonder how 1" of snow stops an entire railway service? I was out early in the car and was glad to see that the main roads around here had been gritted over night. 

I did witness an accident when a driver going too fast at a bend in a Merc SUV crashed into the back of a parked car right outside my house. No one was hurt, I'm glad to report that the driver, after inspecting the damage to his own car first followed by another inspection of the parked car, knocked on No 33 to fess up. The owners promptly moved their car into their own driveway. I guess the tinted windows in the SUV blocked out all the white snow so that the idiot driver felt that warnings to drive carefully in the snow did not apply to him.

It's a day for in front of the fire!

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