Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our snowman!

Is there anything more fun than making a snowman with your family? This afternoon, Vicki, Claire, and I decided to make a snowman in our back garden. We had about three inches of very powdery snow, which meant we had plenty for our snowman, and a few snowballs! I had great fun with the girls - sadly, we have had very few opportunities over the past 20 years to do this, this amount of snow being rare in Dublin. It's one of those things I envy people in other climates, who can do this with their kids all the time. I know it brings hardship for some people, but I still love to see it. Even though I am 51 years old, snow still brings out the kid in me - I can't resist any target with a snowball.

Now - going to work tomorrow will not be such fun. We had snow in January earlier this year during which I fell on my arse outside Salthill DART station. Must be careful!

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