Sunday, November 07, 2010

Joe O'Loughlin Sings...

Joe O'Loughlin Snr (1954)
Quite a few people commented on my Dad's fine singing on the audio track of my memorial to my late brother-in-law Jim Kelleher. Dad was always a great singer and has a fine voice - he is still singing regularly in the Church Choir in Askamore. He can also be persuaded to sing at parties and family gatherings!

To hear both songs, click on the play button in the player below - the first song is "If I Can Help Somebody", the second is "Fr O'Flynn":

If you want to download these tracks, I have uploaded them to which is a free music hosting site. These were recorded in 1990 for a cassette tape called "Askamore Sings". Below are links from which you can download both of these tracks. They are in MP3 format so you can add them to the likes of iTunes - I have both tracks on my iPhone. Enjoy!

Download: "If I Can Help Somebody"

Download: "Fr O'Flynn"

A note about Copyright. The cassette is copyrighted to M.C.P.S. which is the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society. I guess I'm technically in breach of copyright by putting the songs on-line here. I truly hope that no one will be offended by this and that I will not be sued.

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