Saturday, November 13, 2010

Roma in Capetown

I dropped Roma off at the airport at 5am this morning - as I write she is on her way to Capetown (via Abu Dhabi and Johannesburg) to do volunteer work for the Niall Mellon Irish Township Trust. She will be working on blitz building new homes in the townships - the work will be long and hard, but rewarding too.

Over the past few months, Roma has been collecting donations from friends, family, and businesses. Her biggest fund-raising event was her parachute jump last August. Donations ranged from a few euro to a thousand euro. To date she has collected over €5,000, with some money still coming in. This money funds her trip and the building work involved.

A couple of years ago Roma promised herself that she would do this before she turned 50 - we thought she was mad! But she persevered and was really excited and delighted to be heading off this morning after such a long build up. She (and most others making the trip) has taken lots of goodies (lollypops!) and spare items from the Pharmacy for the people of the townships - her bag weighed a tonne.

Way to go Roma - we are so proud of you!

The NMT Blitz has a blog which you can follow here.

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