Monday, November 01, 2010

It's time to bring on the bangers or become mash (by Eoghan Harris)

I see Senator Eoghan Harris, also of the Sunday Independent, must be reading my Blog! Harris (surprisingly in my view) takes exception to the procession of Ministerial cars to Farmleigh las week. He writes in yesterday's Independent: "How can politicians be so blind to public perception as to arrive like an aristocracy at Farmleigh House?". He also states that politicians still have a "blind spot when it comes to sacrificing the trappings which they traditionally enjoyed", and he even copies my remark referring to "let them eat cake".

Cartoon from Sunday Independent.
Perhaps I struck a cord with my previous post Running the country from the back of a van - Del Boy for Taoiseach! OK - maybe Senator Harris does not read my blog, but I was attracted to reading his article after seeing the cartoon of Brian Cowen in a banger being pushed by Brian Lenihan, and followed by Mary Coughlan on her bike. Harris does not let up with just attacking the Government - he aims at all politicians when he writes that public "anger is aimed at politicians of all parties".

Finally - I see that some Ministers are getting the message! Four ministers hand in luxury cars in exchange for Volkswagen Passats. This sounds like a good idea - pity it is happening in Kenya and not here! (via @brianlucey from the Kenya Daily Nation Newspaper).

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