Monday, July 01, 2019

St Louis to Joplin, Route 66 - Day 4

A ride of exactly 300 miles today across Missouri made for a long day on the bike - but a very satisfying 3rd hot day on the road was enjoyed by all. Route 66 is very long, so there are a few days where we have to ride a long way. 

Our first stop was at the world’s second largest rocking armchair - an interesting gimmick to attract people into the nearby Danny’s Gas Hole. This was actually one of the best Route 66 souvenir gift shops we have passed so far. I got a nice few bits and pieces to bring home - I am already loading up on American Memorabilia. Following this we had a long ride to the Devil’s Elbow - a welcome break in the Ozark hills area. Beautiful country with loads of up and down hills, and plenty of winding roads. This requires a lot of concentration on the road, which means little opportunity to see the sights while riding. We also stopped at Redmans’ candy factory - a sweet paradise for kids (and some adults!). The highlight of the day was Gary’s Gay Parita - we had delicious and very welcome water melon to cool us down, plus many tales from Elisabeth and George.Here I Gough a long sleeved t-shirt in preparation for the desert next week. In between all we had the best ribs I have ever tasted at a road side cafe. Our last port of call as to George and Elizabeth’s Sinclair’s gas stop. Great variety of old trucks to see some buried in the ground.

All-in-all - a great day to be a biker! On my way! Photos of the day below:

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