Sunday, July 07, 2019

Gallup to Grand Canyon, Route 66 - Day 10

Another long and exciting day on the Mother Road - finishing up with an incredible sunset in the Grand Canyon. We left New Mexico and crossed over into Arizona - a State that I had last visited in 2000. Our first major attraction to see was the Petrified Forest where trees from millions of years ago were turned to stone. This is a national park which is very big, and you only get to see the stone trees near the end. The rocky scenery here is stunning, and despite some light rain it was an incredible experience to be able to ride through the “forest”. We spent over an hour and a half drinking in the experience - a fantastic start to the day.

Next we had a brief stop at the wonderful Wig Wam village. Lots of old (rusty) cars and trucks plus wig wams which are interesting looking but very small. Inevitably one of the major highlights of this trip was to be able to stand at a corner in Winslow Arizona - the Eagles song (Take it Easy) was an ear worm in my head for months before we set out on this trip. There’s no doubt that this sleepy town is milking the song and the famous mention of a corner. There are the inevitable souvenir shops and Eagles music playing everywhere. Someone in Winslow hit on the idea of turning the song into a tourist attraction - who knows why this particular corner was picked. Anyway, it was a great photo op.

We had a wonderful ride thought forests after leaving Flagstaff - a pleasant change from the almost desert areas of New Mexico and Arizona. Our destination today was the town of Tusayan near the Grand Canyon. We took our bikes out to the Canyon to watch the sunset (along with hundreds of other people). The Grand Canyon is awesome and it was. A wonderful experience to be there for a spectacular sunset - I’m so looking forward to. A helicopter ride over the Canyon tomorrow.

some photos of the day...

Sunset in the Grand Canyon.
Our first time together in the Grand Canyon.
Our new car (in the Petrified Forest).
National Park time.
Petrified trees.
With some of the wonderful petrified trees.
Admiring the view in the Petrified Forest National Park.
Wig Wam Village.
Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona!
We’re Still Standing.
A Star is Born in Winslow Arizona!

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