Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Oklahoma City to Amarillo, Route 66 - Day 6

It just gets better and better! Despite the threat of rain this morning, the weather remained dry and cooler than recent days as we hit the road in Oklahoma City. There was 250+ miles to get through today - we did a lot of motorway plus several stretches of the original Mother Road. We stopped a the U Drop In, as well as the Route 66 museum. After this we stoped at the Oklahoma - Texas state line. Nothing no much to see, but a good stop for photos? We stopped for lunch at a forgettable place, but the dinner was an unforgettable experience in the Big Texan Steak Restaurant where steaks were de riguer for the evening - delicious!

Today I learned a little bit more about Native Americans at the Cherokee Trading Post - cool stuff! We also saw some Tornado damage which looked awesome. It’s the end of the day and I am exhausted from riding and eating. tomorrow is the longest day of riding, so I should put he head down. 

Some photos of the day...


Heading West.Add caption


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