Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Las Vegas to Victorville, Route 66 - Day 13

Our second last day on the road saw us Leaving Las Vegas - while it was a bit sad to be leaving Vegas, I won’t miss it much. We had a long ride today with few sight seeing stops. It was very hot today, so we had plenty of stops for water. I was also showing off my new Route 66 themed helmet - my old one was past its best. While we had a lot of road to ride, there was still time for one Route 66 themed stop at Amboy - a very out of the way place that sold delicious Pecan Pies and feck all else. We had the simplest of lunches ever at a gas station a few miles after Amboy - a sandwich and a coke in the shade.

There is no doubt that the highlight of today was the long ride through the Mojave Desert after crossing into the last state on our tour - California. We rode through the Joshua trees at altitude and I did my best with a rendition of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” as I rode along. Spectacular and hot sights. Our final stop before our hotel was at the forgetful Bottle Ranch - a sight that would be just a load of old junk except it’s position on Route 66 makes it a curiosity stop.

This evening we had our last dinner as a group on the road. It will be sad to leave such good new friends - we have one more day’s ride plus a farewell dinner tomorrow to go. Some photos of the day below...

At the bottle bank.
Showing off new helmet,
One of many water stops today.
The Joshua Trees.
On the road to the Mojave desert.
Leaving Las Vegas.

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