Friday, July 05, 2019

Santa Fe, Route 66 - Day 8

No riding today- no bikes, but plenty of cars. It is July 4th and Independence Day in the United States. The centre of Santa Fe’s Plaza full of people queuing for pancake breakfast and admiring a street full of classic cars. There was everything from a 1915 Model T Ford (not black!) to a 2019 Tesla Model S - I kid you not that this was a classic car show. We talked to some of the many proud owners who were displaying their passion for restoring old cars. It reminded us a bit of Cuba last year, except that these cars were much better maintained compared to their Cuban counter parts.

Central Santa Fe has a lot of jewelry and art shops. Many items were very expensive - I admired a leather coat (Long Rider type), but lost interest after seeing the $1,500 (plus tax) price tag. It must be difficult for the many shops to make a living as there are so many. Hard sell was the order of the day - one jeweler knocked nearly $1,000 off a necklace for Roma. We didn’t buy!

As we had just one day in Santa Fe we decided to take a trolley car tour. A quick way to see a lot, we were shown lots of old buildings and got to experience a city where local laws forbid buildings higher than three stories. Our guide recommended the pizza in Upper Crust, so we went for lunch there. Not the cleanest of places, the pizza was OK - but a brilliant country and western singer who sang his own songs serenaded us throughout. 

Tomorrow we head for Gallup and ride deeper into Indian desert land. Some photos from today below...

Two Killers On The Loose!

The hottest car at the show.
Roma likes this one.
What style!
Santa Fe Plaza.
Cool Cars!

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