Saturday, July 06, 2019

Santa Fe to Gallup, Route 66 - Day 9

What a day to be a motorcycle rider!

Today we rode mostly in some of the most spectacular scenery in New Mexico - mile after mile of desert, rocks, mesas, and bluffs in the Navajo Nation. Nothing beats being on a bike and being so close to the road. The weather today was sunny, but not too hot. It has to be one of the best rides ever - today was about the road rather than souvenir shops. We did stop in the town of Madrid early on and I bought yet another t shirt and a badge for my new waist coat. The most spectacular section of our ride was up to Acoma Sky City, which is a Native American Pueblo. The Acoma have lived here for over 2000 years! Roma shot lots of videos from the back of the bike - but they are too large in file size to upload here without editing. 

Our group is quickly becoming experts at formation riding, though this was not needed too much today as there was very little motorway or city riding. There were several twisty sections and I definitely would not have taken these corners so fast if it wasn’t for being part of a group and seeing those ahead of me making the corners. I felt very relaxed coming into Gallup after nearly 300 miles, but the area where we are staying doesn’t offer a lot to do. The hotel we are staying in does not have a bar, so we went across the road to the El Rancho Bar & Restaurant. I ate catfish for the first time - tastes just like other whitefish.

We have just five days left on the road and tomorrow we are riding to the Grand Canyon - very exciting! Some photos from the day below...

Cheers from El Rancho, Gallup, New Mexico.
At Acoma Sky City
Overlooking the Navajo Reservation on the way to Sky City.
Roma meeting a Navajo Indian.
Resting in Madrid.
Roma with Sally (left), and Sherrie (centre)
In the village of Madrid.
A Wild Hog - at least for a few minutes!

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