Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Joplin to Oklahoma City, Route 66 - Day 5

Another long day (240 miles) on the bike riding across Oklahoma - a beautiful landscape of flat land that kept us enthralled for the day. Our first port of call in Joplin was a local Harley-Davidson dealer called “Hideout” in honour of the nearby hide out where Bonnie and Clyde were holed up - they killed two police officers here. Next we pulled into the Buffalo Ranch where we got some photos with a buffalo statue - there were real buffalos, but they were at the far end of a field. We also got Subway sandwiches for a picnic at the Blue Whale - a good tactic by EagleRider to keep costs down. The Blue Whale was probably the least interesting thing we have done so far. Far more interesting was the motorcycle museum about 60 miles from Oklahoma City. Lots of old bikes including Hondas and Yamahas as well as some old Harleys. Our last stop on the road was at Pops - a ludicrous store with lots of sugary drinks of all flavours available.

We finally arrived in Oklahoma City only to find that the wHi ater in our hotel was off - so no much needed cooling shower. Cue a rush to the Bar! Before dinner, Roma and I headed up to the nearby Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 - a very poignant and respectful memorial to those who died. We had dinner in the Boardwalk - close to the hotel. A nice way to round off the day.

Technology continues to be a problem. I have no data access due to Virgin Media’s rip off prices. The radio on the bike is very intermittent- good at times, but basic at others. After four days on the road, we still do not have the Cardo intercom system working - more work to do on this tomorrow morning.

Some photos of the day...

Buffalo Eugene
Matching Shoppers at Hideout Harley-Davidson

The Blue Whale. 
Wagon Train.
The Motorcycle Museum.

On the Boardwalk, Oklahoma City 


Roma at the Oklahoma City Bombing memorial weekend 

At the Bonnie and Clyde “Hide Out” 

On the road at the Kansas - Oklahoma State line.

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