Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Old Photograph of my Dad #116

I caused a bit of a stir on Facebook today among my O'Loughlin family connections when I posted some old family photos sent to me by one of my cousins. My Dad had often mentioned that there was an old photo album in his sister's house with pictures from the time he grew up in Tomacork (near Carnew, Co Wicklow). The photos also included three of my aunts and one of an uncle - their families had never seen these photos before, and in some cases had never seen their mother/father when they were little girls and boys. Facebook is brilliant for this kind of sharing within families - it spread really fast amongst my cousins, and when I called my Dad during the late morning he had already seen it online.

One of the photos features my Dad Joe, my aunt Breda, and my uncle Paddy. We estimate that it was taken when Dad was 11 years old, which means it must have been 1942. It is a very nostalgic photo for me in that in addition to my Dad, Breda was my Godmother, and Paddy was my Godfather - both were always very good to me. They lived in Tomacork at that time, though the photo looks like it was taken in a studio which was probably in Gorey, Co Wexford, or Dublin. Up to now the youngest photo of my Dad that I had ever seen was one on top of the piano at home in Ballingate which was taken when he was 25. So what a revelation last evening when I got this photo.

Left to right: Paddy, Breda, and Joe (my Dad) O'Loughlin - 1942.

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