Sunday, September 18, 2016

Keep on blogging #105

Image source: Pants in a Can.
In my quest to write a blog post every day during 2016, I have reached a small milestone today as this is my 262nd post this year. This equals the amount for the whole of 2011 which was my most productive year ever. That year I was entered into the Irish Blog Awards and felt that I should blog a lot more to get a bit more attention (it didn't work - I didn't win!). 

So - I have 104 more posts to go and it is getting harder to keep the habit up on a daily basis. Some days (like today) I find it very difficult to think of something to write about - hence this post about blogging after observing that it would equal my output from five years ago with still just over three months to go in 2016. Tomorrow is the start of a new academic year - my 14th since joining NCI part time in November 2002. This will give me some fuel for new posts about the new academic year and how much I am looking forward to it. 

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