Sunday, September 04, 2016

Berlin Day 4 #119

On our last day of our short break in Berlin the sun went away and we had cloud and some rain. Since shops are not open until about 13:00 on Sindays we decided to take the U down to the Riechstag area as we had only seen it from the river boat before. To our surprise we found that today was a free Open Day in the German Parliament building. There was a queue, but not too long and soon we were inside where Angela Merkel and her fellow parliamentarians set out German law. We saw the main room where plenary sessions are held and some Russina graffiti  some walls that were preserved to show the damage from the Second World War. German political parties were put in force giving away goodies and explaining their policies. To our delight we got to go up around the dome right to the top for a great 360 degree view of Berlin. What a treat.

After his Roma and I split up for a couple of hours, she went shopping and I went to the German History Museum. The museum is vast and the 1.5 hours I spent ere was not nearly enough. I concentrated on he 17th, 18, and 19th centuries and raced through the rest before meeting up with Roma again. Germany is rich in history and the tour made for a fascinating glimpse of this wonderful nation. I wondered if I would see a swastika - just one one the sleeve of a display uniform.

For a late lunch we went to the Nikolai district which was not far from our hotel. I had the last of many beers in Berlin - I enjoyed it and the meatloaf "forest style" lunch in a street side restaurant called Mutter Hoppe. Finally we had to make our way to the airport - we gave ourselves plenty of time, but it took just 35 minutes to get from our hotel near Alexanderplatz to Tegel Airport. The public transport system is so good here. 

Both Roma and I had a super time in Berlin and would love to come back again - hopefully I will not wait another 56 years before doing so!

Roma at the Reichstag.

Germany's Parliament Chamber.

Roma on top of the Reichstag.

On the steps of the Reichstag.

Armoury in the German History Museum

The Swastika - 'nuff said.


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