Saturday, September 03, 2016

Berlin Day 3 #120

Breakfast this this morning was in the western side of Berlin in the KaDeWe department store - it is like Brown Thomas in Dublin only a bit bigger. We loved the food hall because we couldn't buy anything as we are returning to Dublin tomorrow. Shortly afterwards we checked out the ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm church which was nearly destroyed by Allied bombing during the Second World War. It was the only physical memory of World War II that I have seen here. Nearby I experienced my first ever go at a virtual reality device at a Samsung stand in a market beside the church. Not very impressive though this may be due to the fact that I could not wear my glasses under the device in which everything was out of focus. Following lunch we watched a demonstration - I don't know what it was for, but it was very colourful and seemed to be a anti-establishment. 

We made our way to the Story of Berlin - great museum only that it repeats a lot of what I have seen in other museums already. Included in the ticket price was a tour of a nuclear bunker - hot and somewhat boring. The highlight of our day was dinner in Hofbrau - I had a litre glass of beer, delicious! This place apparently can cater for over 3,000 punters all drinking beer. It also had the longest line of urinals in the jacks that I have ever seen.

Lovin' Berlin by the day - last day tomorrow! Some photos of today below...

At the Kaiser Wilhem Memorial Church.


What are they demonstrating against/for?

Roma's stylish new car (Berlin Story).

The nuclear bunker.

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