Friday, September 23, 2016

A Comparison of Males and Females with a Ph.D. by County in Ireland #Analytics #HDSDA #100

Yesterday I showed a chart detailing how the counties of Ireland differ in the number of people resident in each county who hold a Ph.D. by percentage. Today I want to compare the gender balance/imbalance in each county. 

Again I downloaded the data from the 2011 Census Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS) and this time I used Excel to provide a clustered bar chart of males and females for each county. The numbers of men and women with Ph.D. in each county is provided in the data set (along with county population for males and females), but I converted this to a percentage in order to make more balanced and valuable comparisons. These figures are for males and females over the age of 19 only. Here's the chart drawn in Excel:

Click image to enlarge.
In many counties you can see quite considerable gaps between the percentage of males and females with a Ph.D. In only two counties in Ireland does the number of females with a Ph.D. outnumber males - Monaghan and Offaly. In all other counties - there are more males, this is most pronounced in Dublin where 0.95% of males have a Ph.D., and 0.51% females have one. Incredibly (to me) almost one percent of the adult male population in Dublin holds a Ph.D. The actual numbers are 4,147 out of 440,432 adult males living in Dublin in 2011. I would never have guessed this figure. Compare this with Monaghan where just 0.08% of adult males have a Ph.D. (17 out of 20,717 males). It will be interesting to compare these figures with the 2016 census when they are released.

Note on chart. While I found it easy to plot separate male and female bar charts in R, I could not plot both on the same chart (called a clustered barchart) using barplot function. So it was easier to do in Excel.

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