Monday, June 20, 2016

Using CreateSpace #195

Since my book Exploring Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way sold out in late 2014, it has been decided by my publisher not to reprint any more copies. It's taken a while, but I finally got the go-ahead to take the book back and do what I like with it. I am currently working on a print-to-order version with Amazon's Createspace, and I'll follow this up with a Kindle version published through Kindle Direct Publishing. I can't believe that it is almost four years to the day that I set out on a round Ireland motorcycle trip!

I have to rework the entire 225 pages of the book. All photographs have to resized to be 12.6 cms wide and I am saving them as 300 dpi. The position of each photo in the book has to be changed as I don't have the skills for fancy arrangements like in the original version. Also, I am unable to set the Microsoft Word page size to match exactly to Createspace - therefore some photos are not in a good position as in the screen grab below. It takes a long time to re-arrange a few pages, and even longer to upload and preview a PDF version online. Every time I see an output like below, I have to rework the Word version and upload again. I have also dropped some photos and added some new ones. I'm hoping to get this job done before I go to America on holidays next Thursday - it's hard to find the time to write blog posts during this work!

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