Saturday, June 11, 2016

Coastal Erosion in Co Wexford #204

I am spending this weekend in Wexford at our family home in Donaghmore. Coastal erosion in this locality has been an issue for us since we bought the house in 2002 - our garden facing the sea is very close to the coastline - half of the passageway down to the sea (green path in some of photos below) that we used to access the beach is now gone. Below is a compilation of photos showing the erosion since 2008 - most photos are taken from approximately the same place on the beach. A little bit is being eroded every year, but this past year (Storm Imogen) has been the worst. While I will be long dead before the rate of erosion means that our house will fall into the sea, a few more storms will result in the garden itself being in danger, and of course all this does not do the value of the house any good.

The video below shows some of our unfortunate near neighbours whose houses are already falling into the sea. Since this drone footage was taken, the damage to the blue house and mobile homes beside it has worsened. Our house is approximately 500 metres further along the coast from this location. Wexford County Council have no budget to erect coastal protection in this area, though if you look carefully in the video you will see a graveyard very close to the edge - there may be an effort to save this from falling into the sea.

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