Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Locating my Cullen Great-Grandparents' Grave #214

First - a family history lesson. Below is part of my family tree on that shows my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Up to now I have only been able to find the grave of my Dad's maternal grandparents Thomas and Bridget Hurley in Clonfert outside Newmarket in Co Cork (I posted about this in 2008). 

Click tree to enlarge.
Last week my Mum told me that her maternal grandparents were buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery in Dublin. Since I knew the date of death of her grandmother Anne McCann (5th March, 1952), I contacted Mount Jerome Cemetery online who almost immediately responded with the grave number: "A2-624-23450 also in this Grave are  Richard Cullen Snr 1940, Margaret Cullen 1862 and Desmond Cullen 1972 there is a Limestone Celtic Cross on the grave". There is a map online at the Mt Jerome website to show where this is. To find it walk down Prospect Walk from the centre of the cemetery towards Greenmount Walk by the wall. The grave is in section 624 and the number is 23450. It is a single grave with my four relatives buried there. The Celtic Cross is about two metres tall and is just one row back from near the end of left side of Prospect Walk. The names on the headstone are just about readable: In Loving Memory of  Richard Cullen who died 10th March 1940. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul. Also his wife Anne who died 5th March 1952. Also Margaret (Cissie) Cullen who died 23rd October 1962. Also Desmond P Cullen who died 30th December 1971 aged 57 years. I only remember "Uncle Des" - he was a Bohemians fan and we used to talk about football!

There is a grave cleaning service at the entrance to Mount Jerome cemetery and I am having the headstone cleaned (just the part where the names are). Some of the lead letters have fallen out - it costs €3 per letter to replace each one. I shall certainly post a photo of the cleaned up version when it is done in about 5 weeks. The grave looks like it has not had any work done to it since Uncle Des was buried in 1971. There is a wreath on the grave which could be there for a very long time. I will buy a few bags of white stones to cover over the top to make it look a bit better.

Richard Cullen is a descendent of Denis Cullen - a well known stonemason in the 18th century from Glendalough in Co Wicklow. I am working on confirming this through Anne McCann is a relative (possible an Aunt) of the actor Donal McCann - I have yet to establish what the exact relationship is.

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