Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The JFK Museum #186

President John F. Kennedy has always been a hero of mine. I remember well the day he was assassinated, even though I was just four years old. Today we went to the museum dedicated to his memory and it has been one of the best things I have done in Boston so far. It takes quite a while to get there via the "T" and the brilliant free bus service to UMass. We had a great tour guide - I'd say that Bob was about 60 years older than our Harvard tour guide yesterday. It turned out that he served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam war and he shared with us his terror at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Lots of Audio Visual displays and some great artefacts from Jack and Jackie. I loved th handwritten notes the gifts from foreign leaders to the glamorous couple. If Kennedy were alive today he would be 99 years old, probably still as charming as he was in the 1960s. There's hardly any mention of his assassination - just a dark hall labelled "22 November, 1963".

This museum is a must for everyone - don't miss it. To hear extracts of Presidential debates and press conferences involving Kennedy, you would not think much has changed. Problems in 1960 are still here in 2016. 

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