Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Dad #FathersDay #196

My Dad Joe is 85 years young, and still going strong. I am incredibly lucky (at the age of 56) to still have my Dad (and Mum) hale and hearty - very few men my age still have their Dads to wish "Happy Father's Day" to. Dad still keeps active and is once again selling bedding plants from his farm in Ballingate. He always has a cheerful smile and a positive outlook on life - I hope I will be as cheerful and positive at the same age. My favourite moment each week, during visits to Dad and Mum in Ballingate, is when he finds a different way to offer me a glass of whiskey. He always mentions the medicinal qualities of the water from places like Glendalough and Middleton (where whiskey is distilled) - you just have to try it!

So "Happy Father's Day" Dad from me for the 56th time - I look forward to our next drop of "medicine" together!

Showing my Dad how a Selfie works!

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