Monday, August 18, 2014

Senseless Damage #WelcomeToBelfast

During a recent visit to Belfast my car was "keyed" along both driver-side doors, the front wing panel, and the bonnet. Today I am having this damage repaired at a cost of several hundred euro - I have to get this done because the damage is so deep that rust will be inevitable. I also photographed this damage before repair to show when I sell this car that it was "key" damage rather than crash damage. No matter how good the paint job it gets today I'm sure an expert will spot the colour difference. This senseless damage will cost me today, and potentially on the trade-in value in years to come.

I mean no slight on Belfast as this could have happened in any city in the world - but why did someone do this?

Could it be that a Southern registered attracted made someone angry enough to key it? 

Was it part of some gang initiation right-of-passage? 

Or was it a simple random act of vandalism? 

I wonder what's inside the mind of the person who did this? Often when I see senseless acts of vandalism like graffiti or a smashed-up bus shelter I wonder what the perpetrator would think of this when they are older? For example - how does a 60 year old man today feel about keying a car 40 years ago, or what does he think if someone else does the same type of damage to his own car. I am as angry as anybody would be right now because this senseless damage is costing me a lot of money and some inconvenience. I'm also angry that nothing will be done about this (I did not report it to the Police - what's the point?), and that the bastard who did this got away with it. I can only hope (very un-Christian of me) that some day that he/she will have similar damage inflicted upon their own car. Only then will they know how their victims feel.

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