Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pouring Water Over my Head - Why? #IceBucketChallenge #ALS #MND

This evening I joined my daughter Vicki in the Ice Bucket Challenge. We emptied our ice box into separate buckets and did the deed, not once - but twice! Our camera-lady didn't have record switched on, so there was no alternative but to do it again as no one would believe that we did it without the video evidence. So here is...

According to David Sable writing this week in an article on Linkedin "Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge", Facebook has tallied more than 2.4 million unique videos of Ice Bucket Challenges have been uploaded. And 28 million people have posted, commented or liked these videos. He feels that not everyone has donated, but so far the American ALS Association has received "$41.8 million in donations in just about a month" - this is more than double the whole of 2013, so what made this work?

What Sable refers to as "Click and Shout" is about "using social media to raise awareness, but then making sure that what’s social is tied to an action in the real world". A campaign like this engages people way better that any other Marketing campaign - the "entertainment" is proof that a great idea like this, plus a good cause, "engages people". Sable also writes that there is "no substitute for the pure emotion that helps to motivate behavior" and that we should all "post, like, share videos" and to "Shiver a little bit".

I wonder what the next on-line craze will be?

PS - apologies to Facebook friends for double post.

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