Sunday, September 22, 2013

The 4 Things Modern Students Must Understand by @Sugatam - I agree 100% with this!

Professor Sugata Mitra of Newcastle University, he of the "Hole in the wall" experiment with children in India, lists four things that students must understand and be good at. These are (list via Eric Patnoudes):
  • First, they should be adept at finding information quickly and easily on the internet.
  • Next, he says they have to comprehend what they are reading.
  • Third, students will have to organize the information they have discovered in a manner that makes sense.
  • Finally, decide which information they will use to make a decision, solve a problem, or accomplish a task.
When I ask my students in class to use a computer to find information on the World Wide Web, I never have to show them how to do it. It comes natural and in the main, most are quite good at this. Typing stuff into a Google Search is easy, knowing what to do next is not so easy, there is no pointer after a search to say that "this is the answer you need..." - hence the skills above need to be developed and improved. Hear Professor Mitra explain all this himself in the following video:

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