Friday, September 13, 2013

If you're Irish and have an apostrophe in your name - does anyone care? @google #rant

Today I notice that Google have mangled my surname as follows:

You can see that Google has of today replaced the apostrophe in my surname. As an apostrophe is a regular ASCII character just like the other letters in my name and I don't see why this should be a problem. I'm not saying that Google are anti-Irish, just that they are careless in how they display names. Google is available in many languages with many different symbols - I'm sure this is not a problem elsewhere.

Image source: Celtic Crests.
However, Google are not alone in this. Recently I received a new email handle at work ( which does not include an apostrophe - I was told "the system can't handle it". In the past some websites would not allow me to enter my proper name, only by removing the apostrophe was I allowed to continue. I should say it has been some time since this happened to me. Lotus Notes email systems could always handle apostrophes.

The apostrophe is part of my surname, just like  O, L, o, u, g, h, l, i, and n. I hate it when my name is misspelled and I do not think it is beyond the capabilities of a giant like Google to get this simple thing right.

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