Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Repeating in College

In September 1980 I thought my world was in serious sh1t. I had to repeat my second year Science exams in Trinity. I well remember the day when I headed off to the Chemistry building to look up my repeat results on a notice board (no email or on-line lookups then). I was so confident that I had passed that I was already looking forward to third year. I got a huge shock to see an F1 grade for Biology I, and an F2 for Physical Sciences I. I was devastated and dreaded the trip home to tell my parents. However, both my Mum and Dad were very supportive and wanted me to repeat and continue - me too. The advice from Trinity at the time was that I was totally unsuited to College and should consider doing something else. To make matters worse, Johnny Logan had just won the Eurovision Song Contest with "What's Another Year" - many people used this to try to make me feel better. To cut a long story short, I repeated and went on to eventually graduate with a PhD from Trinity.

Round about now, many students will be receiving the results of their repeat assessments. Most will get through to progress to the next year, but others will get the bad news that one or more failed subjects will mean that they have to repeat. If this happens to you, the first thing to get into your head is that you are NOT a failure - though you might feel like one right now. You will recover from this and learn from this experience. In my case it was only when I repeated 2nd year that I really began to "get" College. Students fail for a variety of reasons. But it is important to get over it, absorb yourself in your repeat year, get to know your new classmates as quickly as possible, and move on with your life.

Though it will not make anyone who has to repeat a year in the least bit better, here is Johnny Logan with "What's Another Year" (fast forward to 50 secs):

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