Wednesday, September 11, 2013

8,311 viewers in a day - new @YouTube high #analytics

On Monday of this week the Learn with Dr Eugene O'Loughlin YouTube channel had its best day ever with 8,311 views in one day. This is also the first time it has broken the 8,000 views per day barrier. As always, I am both thrilled and humbled that so many people have chosen to view my videos - a big THANK YOU to them all!

Just under half (3,989) of the views were from the United States, while there were just 56 from Ireland (my own views are not counted), and one from Nicaragua. The analytics for the day's views are interesting - especially to see from what countries the viewers are coming from, the numbers of views from each, the estimated minutes watched, and the average duration of the views. The total (estimated) minutes watched for the day was 25,860 minutes which is the equivalent of almost 18 days!  Below is a summary for the top 25 countries for the day:

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