Sunday, September 15, 2013

A selection of photos from Flight Fest Air Show over Dublin #FlightFest

Today I was one of over 100,000 people who lined the banks of the Liffey for the Flight Fest air show, which is part of The Gathering experience this year. My vantage point was close to the East Link bridge where the massive traffic jam was almost as spectacular as the air show. Lots of air lines showed off their air-crafts, I liked Ryanair's message "U NEVR BEAT D'IRISH". The highlight for me was the Flying Fortress - I can't imagine the terror that people in Germany must have felt when these things flew over them during World War II. Thankfully today it came in peace! Despite the very blustery conditions, all pilots did a great job in flying low over The Liffey. After about two and a half hours I had had enough and decided to head home without seeing the massive British Airways Airbus A340, but when I got home it flew close to my house and I got a few shots - below is a selection of the photos I took today:

Irish Air Corps.

Great formation flying by the Irish Air Corps.

The B-17 Flying Fortress under attack from two seagulls.

The B-17 Flying Fortress.

The traffic jam at East Link.

Airbus A340 over my back garden.

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