Saturday, September 14, 2013

Look out Ulster, there's an O'Loughlin coming! #StartingCollege

This morning I waved good bye to my youngest daughter Vicki, who set out to start college at the University of Ulster. She is going to study Culinary Arts Management at the Belfast Campus, and today is the first day of a new adventure for her. While we'll miss her here in Dublin, we know she is doing exactly what she wants to do in a subject she is passionate about. Go for it Vicki!

All loaded up and ready to go!
I'm trying to recall how I felt about this time 35 years ago when my Mum and Dad brought me to Dublin when I was going to Trinity. I know I was nervous, worried, and fearful of going to College, but did my best to hide this in front of my parents. I wonder do I feel today how they felt 35 years ago? I was certainly a lot less informed about College than Vicki is today - I really had no idea what I was letting myself in for and that it was the first day of eight years as an undergraduate and postgraduate in Trinity. I didn't know it then, but College changed my life and I wouldn't swap a day of it for anything.

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